Tour 11

Tour 11 – Im Gemärk / Cortina – Olang

The bike shuttle once again brings us from Mitterolang directly to “Im Gemärk”. The journey from there to Cortina is downhill. If you have half an hour to spare, then take a walk through the centre of the town. Next we take a bus back to “Im Gemärk”.

From there our route past the drei Zinnen information point takes us over the old railway line, partly through the parched river-bed and the war cemetary to Toblachersee, where we drift in an old wooden rowing boat over the water and take our well- earned lunch break.

If we have enough time, we recommend paying a visit to the Gustav Mahler zoo, or the children’s playground in Niederdorf (Villabassa).

Afterwards there is a slight climb in the direction of Prags and then an enjoyable descent past Welsberg to the Olanger Stausee. From there it is only a short hop to Olang.